• Claire Suellentrop

    Throw away "how it's done."
    You can do it better.

    I wasn't a troublemaker in middle school, but I did have a big problem with uniform skirts.

    Wearing them in the brutal Midwest winter made recess miserable.


    Sick of shivering my way through our one daily break, I launched a petition to allow girls to wear pants—despite skeptical responses from my teachers and male peers that "The girls have always worn skirts. That's just how it's been done."


    Rallying enough signatures got us what we wanted: a rulebook update, and calf coverage that empowered us to climb the jungle gym year-round.


    Since then, I've applied that same "forget how it's done; make it better" mindset to every endeavor I take on, including:

    • Growing a non-comm radio show from unnoticed college hobby to industry award-winning program.
    • Starting a blog as a side project on zero dollars, then generating a modest few thousand in revenue by the following year. All content and services. Zero advertising.
    • Leveraging that blog to land a position as the second employee of a lean startupone we grew from $0 ARR to $1M ARR in 15 months. Then from $1M to $2M 6 months later (and we're not slowing down).

    "How it's been done" doesn't matter.


    What matters is your ability to 1) see a problem, 2) formulate a plan to fix it, and 3) stick with that plan (or keep reworking and adapting it) long enough to get the results you want.


    My professional expertise: conversion-focused copywriting, content strategy and creation, deep-dive customer research.


  • Calendly

    Simple, beautiful scheduling.

    I currently spend my days connecting millions of people through simple, beautiful scheduling. As Calendly's Director of Marketing, this translates to content strategy and creation along the entire customer journey, plus lots of research, testing and tweaking—among other hats. I was once asked to devote a workday to making Jello shots.


    I create content that converts, and content that helps people. I empower sales teams to sell faster, client service teams to provide fantastic support, and generally free people from tedious admin work—so they can focus on what really matters.

  • Other things I'm working on

    Speaking + hosting workshops for higher ed institutions

    Career centers and traditional resumes may work for the corporate-leaning crowd; but what about those not interested in ladder-climbing?


    Landing an unconventional job takes an unconventional approach—but it's an approach that can be systemized and repeated.


    So I run "How to Land a Job at a Startup," a quarterly workshop at General Assembly that helps recent grads and professionals break into the business side of the tech space.